The Hypro 450 XL has high and low speed, which allows very high feeding rate, 5 m/sec. This is an advantage for first and second thinning.

The 450 XL has a high feeding force and raw power for processing in heavier forest. The machine is available in a lightweight design with a separate hydraulic system, with the pump unit and tank mounted on the tractor. There is no drive shaft between tractor and machine, only hoses with quick-release couplings. These ensure quick, easy connection and disconnection.

As standard, the 450 XL model has a double joint, a feature which brings many benefits during processing, as well as for transport and transfer. In this position, with or without feeder crane, the entire machine is always narrower than the tractor. The outstanding hydraulic winch on the machine, which has both infeed- and outfeed-function and immediate braking when stopped, is always operated with professional digital radio equipment.

The Hypro 450 XL processor has an opening diameter of 45 cm. Versatile and powerful, simple and easy to operate. The perfect all-round machine from first thinning to lighter final felling. All our machines have a double joint as standard. The effect is that cut timber always falls away from the tractor, so there is no timber on the skid road. Because of the oscillatory motion of the joint there is a remarkable scope for sorting the timber.

Hypro Telescopic Crane

This purpose built for crane makes working in the area close to the machine easier and more efficient. The crane works regardless of the position of the head. Spreading branches / brash is simple, thanks to the slew angle and reach of the crane.

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