The company Sampo Rosenlew was established in 1991 in Pori, Finland and were originally known for their combine harvesters. Sampo later introduced the forest machine range to their product line in the late 1990’s, which has been a great success. Through market and customer research, Sampo has concluded that the Thinning Concept is an important aspect to successful forest management and profitable returns.

When carrying out thinning operations in the forest the harvester will remove the smaller, poorer quality trees. Removing these trees promotes a healthy growth within the remaining trees. So there will be a  greater number of good quality timber of a larger diameter that can be harvested from a healthy crop. This will generate a higher income at the sawmill. Sampo has manufactured a high-quality, robust and efficient range of harvesters and forwarders.

Sampo forest machines are specially designed to be small in size and very maneuverable for thinning operations. The forest machines are able to move through the forest effortlessly. This brings a number of benefits for the operator.

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    HR46x Harvester

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    FR28 Forwarder