Small-scale – high capacity 4 wheel harvester specially designed for first thinnings.

The HR46x Harvester has plenty of power packed in for a forest machine of its size. The large turning angle, its compact size and practical design enables the harvester to easily manoeuvre through dense young forests without damaging the remaining trees and preserving the soil. The HR46x harvester is easy to operate, productive and cost-effective. The capital and running costs are low but the machine production rate is higher than heavier machines.

Equipped with a large fuel tank, enables the forest machine to work long periods before having to refuel. The HR46x consumes less than 7 litres of fuel per hour. The driving power transmission is fully hydrostatic. It is a robust machine, the axles and wheels are difficult to damage.  The cab of the Sampo harvester is extremely comfortable. The operator has excellent visibility in all directions. Filters and lubrication points are easily accessible to the operator ensuring quick maintenance.

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