Take a closer look at the FR48 and one of the first things that catches the eye is the almost identical look between it and the FR28. The differences are when you take a look at the rear frame, wheels, bogies and steering cylinders. The rear chassis frame is now extended by 1.2 metres and it has been slightly redesigned, reinforced and widened to handle the 14-tonnes of load and the bigger bogies. 

Wheel size has increased from the FR28’s 710/40-22.5 to the FR48’s 710/4526.5. Larger wheel size has been one of the principles of design during the FR48 project because Sampo Rosenlew customers asked for a machine with more wheel capacity to lower the ground pressure. 

Balanced bogies tame down the machine’s behaviour and enhance its ability to move in tougher environments with uneven surfaces, soft soil or steep slopes. There has been an increase in operating weight due to the changes, whereas the FR28 weighs in at 10-tonnes without tracks or chains, the FR48 tips the scales at a little over 12-tonnes.

This forwarder carries a Mesera 83F crane which is, in theory, similar to the Mesera 71F, but has a slight increase in lifting power. That change has been brought about by adding more pressure to the work hydraulic system. 

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