Kesla C645 Woodchipper

The Kesla C645 woodchipper is a standout choice for those in need of high performance, durability, and versatility in their biomass production. Due to its modular set-up structure, it can be equipped with appropriate features to satisfy your every requirement. The Kesla C645 woodchipper is a robust and reliable biomass processing machine designed to handle a variety of wood materials. Its efficiency in chipping logs and branches into consistent wood chips makes it a preferred choice for biomass production.

Kesla is a significant developer of forestry-related bioenergy solutions. The C645 chipper has been designed and manufactured entirely by Kesla, meaning that all aspects of the C645 from the chipper to chassis and crane were all designed to work together effectively. Efficient professional chipping requires flexibility, this woodchipper ensures a smooth and continuous chipping process, making quick work of even the toughest wood materials. The hydraulic feeding system and adjustable speed settings enable precise control and enhanced safety during operation.

Versatility is another hallmark of the Kesla C645 Woodchipper. It accommodates various wood sizes and types, allowing for a wide range biomass production. Whether it’s branches, trunks, or other wood waste, the Kesla C645 efficiently converts them into uniform wood chips, which can be used for various purposes, including landscaping, biomass fuel, and animal bedding

Furthermore, the Kesla C645 Woodchipper prioritises user-friendly operation and maintenance. The accessible design and user-centric controls make it easy for operators to use and maintain the machine, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Safety features are also integrated to ensure a secure working environment, minimising risks during operation. In terms of durability, the

Kesla C645 is built to withstand the demanding conditions of biomass processing operations. High-quality materials and superior craftsmanship contribute to a machine that stands the test of time, even under heavy usage.

In conclusion, the Kesla C645 Woodchipper is a top-tier wood processing machine that caters to professionals in need of high-performance wood chipping. Its blend of power, versatility, ease of use, and durability make it a valuable asset for anyone in the wood processing industry. Investing in the Kesla C645 means investing in efficiency, reliability, and a sustainable approach to wood processing.


Excavator Attachments

Kesla 19GX

For over 55 years, Kesla has been a leading innovator in forest technology, manufacturing top-quality Finnish forest machinery. When it comes to enhancing the productivity and versatility of your excavator, the Kesla 19GX felling head is a remarkable choice. The Kesla 19GX attachment is designed for efficient and precise handling. Its smooth operation and excellent control make it easy to fell, carry, and place timber with precision, reducing the risk of damage and increasing safety while working. This Kesla felling head can cut trees up to 18cm in diameter.

The blade of the felling head can be easily disabled, allowing it to function as a grapple for loading purposes. This means that all required tasks can be performed using just one tool. The process of fitting the felling head is simple and straightforward, as it does not require any additional hoses or wiring.

Hypro FG50

Since the start in 1987, HYPRO has been a leader in the technology and development of tractor processors. This Swedish-made grapple is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s perfect for felling trees, ground clearance, hedge maintenance and loading and unloading brushwood. Whether you’re working in the forest, park, an urban area, or along a roadway, this grapple is the perfect solution for all your needs.

The Hypro FG50 is an impressive tool with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 50cm and comes with optional electric or radio-controlled tilt locking function that offers flexibility to reach trees and branches in the correct felling direction. The grapple’s lightweight design allows it to be used with a long-reach crane without compromising stability and lifting power. With its efficient design, safety features, and versatility, the Hypro FG50 is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to increase productivity without compromising lift capacity.


KESLA 2209sT with Vision STD cabin |


About the Brand

KESLA 2209sT with Vision STD cabin | KESLA 2209 Vision STD -hytillä

Kesla’s cranes, trailers, harvester heads, and biomass chippers were an early addition to Oakleaf Forestry’s product portfolio and were welcomed with open arms, given the Finnish manufacturer’s reputation for well-made, well-supported goods.  

The family-owned company; Kesla states,

‘Our innovative, high-quality products – made in Finland with decades of experience and customer understanding – meet the most demanding needs, in and outside the forest. Whatever your talent and platform, Kesla is the perfect match with our durable, user-friendly products that adapt to your exact requirements.’ 

Upgrades and Improvements 

Kesla’s 9-tonne metre straight boom crane; 2209St is built specifically to withstand extremely adverse weather conditions. Weather warnings will not halt work with this crane due to the use of extremely robust hosing designed particularly for arctic conditions. A variety of different outreaches are available to suit customer needs. 

The crane now has a number of extra features requested by Kesla customers, such as in-boom hydraulic hosing. In the new 22-series KESLA cranes, the hosing is placed inside the booms, also in the transfer boom minimising the risk of hose damage. Durable JIC connections and hydraulic pipes and hoses are adequately protected in the hydraulic system. KesLINK, an invention of Kesla, safeguards the hoses going to the grapple. 

Extensive hydraulic lines custom-designed for these 22 series cranes allow for quick and smooth movement. The 2209St is available with a dependable single, double, or LS Parker hydraulic circuit. 

With four cylinders, the crane’s slewing mechanism is stronger than before. It features highly robust pipes in the slewing system with a welded stabilised foundation of high quality. KESLA cranes can be equipped with many types of stabilizers – integrated, separate, extra wide, chipper-use, or stationery-use but the variety depends on the model. 

The Steel Used 

The inner and outer boom joints have a strong fork attachment and have been constructed from high-quality steel (Strenx 700 MC+).  

Strenx® 700MC Plus is high-strength structural steel with advanced cold formability and impact toughness for highly demanding applications. 

Strenx® 700MC Plus meets or exceeds the requirements of S700MC in EN 10149-2. It is typically used in highly demanding applications that require superior bendability, high impact toughness in cold conditions, and the ability to cut mechanically. Material is the same in the other KESLA truck cranes – Strenx MC 700+ high-quality steel surface-treated with nanoceramic KESLA proTECT handling. 

The crane is finished in corrosion-resistant, double-layer powder coating (RAL9005) for excellent durability while still appearing elegant. 


KESLA 2209sT with Vision STD cabin |

The Cab

The crane may be outfitted with a KESLA Vision Standard cabin, which is light, corrosion-free, and provides pleasant conditions with plenty of legroom. The cabin can be furnished with a Planar 2D diesel heater that is likewise appropriate for hard conditions, as well as an LED bar for better vision in the dark. The heated seats guarantee a comfortable driving experience, and weather hoods or canopies are available on request, making this crane ideal for a versatile range of weather situations.


Ready to take the next step? 

Are you ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest crane for 2022 or to start your forestry journey with Kesla? Get in touch today via email at or give us a call on 028 3833 0011 to become a proud member of the Kesla Squad. 

The Kesla 2209st cranes are available now with excellent installation and backup services for immediate collection from Oakleaf Forestry’s Portadown branch, or for delivery across the UK and Ireland.



Vimek NG 870.1

Vimek’s Next Generation 870.1 Forwarder

The Development of Vimek NG 870.1

Vimek has launched their first ever eight-wheeled forwarding machine as part of their Next Generation Project. Vimek has previously mainly focused on building smaller machines for self-employed forest owners. The smaller machines have not suited contractors who need to work at a high pace with high production levels. Now, Vimek hopes that the latest and greatest; NG 870.1 will be a machine that succeeds in arousing the entrepreneurs’ interest. 

‘The contractors want to maintain a high production during their driving, while the landowner wants as little damage as possible after the end of the driving. Forest owners may not want a 15-tonne machine in their forest during a first thinning. That is why we have chosen to develop our new forwarder Next Generation’, says Johan Johansson, a sales manager at Vimek in Vindeln. 

ElmiaWood 2022

Vimek recently exhibited the new and improved forwarder at the world’s largest forestry fair; ElmiaWood which occurred for the first time since 2017 so evidently there was no better time or place to demonstrate. 

 With a vast demonstration zone, Vimek could show off the unique capabilities of the NG 870.1 to its full potential and attract crowds to observe the extensive showcase. 

Joe Litter from Oakleaf Forestry visited the demonstration site and commented on the day from ElmiaWood saying, ‘It’s been super busy. All day people have been coming to see the new machine. It’s bigger than Vimek’s previous offerings… it’s been really well received.’ 

Upgrades and Improvements

Featuring a brand new Cranab crane with a reach of 6.7 metres and intelligent boom control specifically designed for this forwarder. These added features allow users to have enhanced control and lead to higher levels of efficiency and precision. 

It is powered by a 75hp, turbocharged Caterpillar engine and Bosch Rexroth transmission. An optimized design means that the machine can tackle terrain with ease and has a low power-loss system. Smart control programs help achieve durable and fast work despite a relatively small 55Kw engine. 

The forwarder has been carefully researched and developed over a couple of years, where the development of comfort, load index, new technology, and accessibility in various stocks has received the most attention. A smaller forwarder is now able to take part in the technology of the larger machines. The Next Generation has a load index of 1: 1, which means that it loads as much as it weighs, (seven tons empty weight with seven tons load weight). 

The unique steering bogie and its 7.5-tonne carrying capacity maintain a tight turning radius. Featuring a more spacious cab than Vimek’s previous machines with soundproofing, and LED lights around the outside for better visibility, enabling a pleasant driving experience for the user.

Vimek has chosen to drive with 8 wheels with four bogies to increase driver comfort. The two rear bogie pairs have been moved further back on the bed to avoid overhangs when loading long timber. If the wheel pair is moved further back, the compliance will be worse, therefore it has also been equipped with bogie steering which steers nine degrees automatically or manually to get better compliance in the stocks and be able to make the slip roads narrower. The width of the forwarder is between 195-225 centimeters depending on the choice of wheels.

All of these features would be anticipated in a larger machine, but Vimek has made them available in a more compact package.

Forestry Journal’s Interview with Joe from Oakleaf Forestry at ElmiaWood 2022

Get in touch for more information on this machine plus many more new and used forestry machines at +44 28 3833 0011 or email us at 

Brown’s Wood Demo Day

Farmer John Brown of Thornton in Leicestershire converted all his land from agricultural production to forestry in the early years of the National Forest project. The woodland mostly native broadleaves with pockets of pine and spruce are now ready for thinning. It was in Brown’s Wood in mid-June that forestry consultant Liz Sharkey and oakleaf Forestry’s Joe Litter introduced woodland owners, managers, and contractors to a range of machinery that may prove eminently suitable for operations in the region’s woodlands. Formerly involved in forestry contracting herself, Liz Sharkey has been running her management and consultancy business operates UK-wide, Liz has stamped her mark in the English Midlands and now manages around 30 estate woodlands in the area. She has already produced over 60 10-year woodland management plans.

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Duo makes its debut

One of the perpetual challenges of forest management is ensuring you have the right tool for the job – or the right machine for the right woodland. Swedish forest machine manufacturer Vimek’s slogan is ‘Make an impression without leaving a mark’. The company is a specialist in the production of lightweight yet very strong machines, including harvesters and forwarders. One of its latest innovations is the Vimek 404 Duo, a smart solution combining a harvester and forwarder in one small-scale machine.

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Kesla to launch new 14RH tractor-specific harvesting head

KESLA is to launch a new harvester head specifically designed for tractor use.

THE new 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range and is suitable for installation on tractors, thinning harvesters and excavators of up to approximately
5 tonnes.

Straightforwardness, simplicity and great efficiency are the core characteristics of this small head, Kesla says.

Unlike larger Kesla heads, the 14RH head applies the traditional side-squeezing feed roller geometry, which is described as having the advantages of a very simple structure, lightness and efficiency in feeding small-diameter trees. Depending on the size of the traction motors selected, the head requires an oil supply of 120–150 l/min, said to make it ideal for the hydraulics of modern tractors.

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Forestry Journal article – The right tools for the job

Joe Litter, MD of machinery supplier Oakleaf Forestry – UK and Ireland dealer for Sampo Rosenlew and Kesla among other brands – talks to Forestry Journal about how his company got started and where it’s headed.

OVER the past decade, firewood production and forestry equipment distribution company Oakleaf Forestry has helped shape the evolution of the industry across the UK and Ireland. A driving force behind the automation of firewood production and low-impact forestry, it has earned an impressive reputation and developed an enviable range of products. From its headquarters in Portadown, Co Armagh, Oakleaf imports and distributes machinery from some of the finest manufacturers in Europe to a wide array of customers. Yet it is a company that has grown from quite humble beginnings.

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