Vimek’s Next Generation forwarder

Vimek has previously been a company that built smaller machines for self-employed forest owners. The smaller machines have not really suited contractors who need to keep a high pace with high production. Vimek hopes that Next Generation will be a machine that succeeds in arousing the entrepreneurs’ interest.

The contractors want to maintain a high production during their driving while the landowner wants as little damage as possible after the end of the driving. Forest owners may not want a 15-tonne machine in their forest during a first thinning. That is why we have chosen to develop our new forwarder Next Generation, says Johan Johansson, sales manager at Vimek in Vindeln.

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Brown’s Wood Demo Day

Farmer John Brown of Thornton in Leicestershire converted all his land from agricultural production to forestry in the early years of the National Forest project. The woodland mostly native broadleaves with pockets of pine and spruce are now ready for thinning. It was in Brown’s Wood in mid-June that forestry consultant Liz Sharkey and oakleaf Forestry’s Joe Litter introduced woodland owners, managers, and contractors to a range of machinery that may prove eminently suitable for operations in the region’s woodlands. Formerly involved in forestry contracting herself, Liz Sharkey has been running her management and consultancy business operates UK-wide, Liz has stamped her mark in the English Midlands and now manages around 30 estate woodlands in the area. She has already produced over 60 10-year woodland management plans.

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Duo makes its debut

One of the perpetual challenges of forest management is ensuring you have the right tool for the job – or the right machine for the right woodland. Swedish forest machine manufacturer Vimek’s slogan is ‘Make an impression without leaving a mark’. The company is a specialist in the production of lightweight yet very strong machines, including harvesters and forwarders. One of its latest innovations is the Vimek 404 Duo, a smart solution combining a harvester and forwarder in one small-scale machine.

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Kesla to launch new 14RH tractor-specific harvesting head

KESLA is to launch a new harvester head specifically designed for tractor use.

THE new 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range and is suitable for installation on tractors, thinning harvesters and excavators of up to approximately
5 tonnes.

Straightforwardness, simplicity and great efficiency are the core characteristics of this small head, Kesla says.

Unlike larger Kesla heads, the 14RH head applies the traditional side-squeezing feed roller geometry, which is described as having the advantages of a very simple structure, lightness and efficiency in feeding small-diameter trees. Depending on the size of the traction motors selected, the head requires an oil supply of 120–150 l/min, said to make it ideal for the hydraulics of modern tractors.

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Forestry Journal article – The right tools for the job

Joe Litter, MD of machinery supplier Oakleaf Forestry – UK and Ireland dealer for Sampo Rosenlew and Kesla among other brands – talks to Forestry Journal about how his company got started and where it’s headed.

OVER the past decade, firewood production and forestry equipment distribution company Oakleaf Forestry has helped shape the evolution of the industry across the UK and Ireland. A driving force behind the automation of firewood production and low-impact forestry, it has earned an impressive reputation and developed an enviable range of products. From its headquarters in Portadown, Co Armagh, Oakleaf imports and distributes machinery from some of the finest manufacturers in Europe to a wide array of customers. Yet it is a company that has grown from quite humble beginnings.

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Quality is the focus of our new website

We have unveiled our new website.

Upgrades to the website ensure that the overall service for our consumers is enhanced.

The new Oakleaf Forestry website experience is seamless, allowing customers to research the products and make a decision on their next forestry machine. The customer is able to navigate their way easily, so they can find the right machine to suit their needs.

We’ve added features for customers to learn more about the business and discover the level of service and care put in before any machine is brought to the customer. The site has a full breakdown of each brand, telling our customers about their background.

The main focus for our redesign was the quality of service as we ensure that each machine is set up to the customers specifications and fully checked before delivery.

Email to find out more, or to arrange a demo.


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