The Hypro 755 is a generously equipped tractor processor with its own crane, a reach of seven metres and a head, both with a working radius of 280 degrees, allowing felling on both sides. It has its own hydraulic system with pump and tank for mounting on the front of the tractor.

The hydraulic system is loadsensing and variable, giving speed, smoothness and strength. The Hypro 755 is also available for fitting to tractors with a built-in variable hydraulic system with the necessary flow and pressure. The machine is operated by two mini levers with electrohydraulic control (EHC). Simply by pressing a button you can choose between crane and processor. Both can be operated with the same levers. The Hypro 755 is perfect for thinning operations and for final felling.

A remarkable 280° slewing radius and lateral displacement provide ample adjustment to suit the direction of fall of the tree and allow distances of up to 3.3 metres between timber stacks.

The machine has a 50m radio controlled winch which can winch in from both sides allowing the operator to recover trees that are out of reach of the crane. The design of the crane, with a tilting pedestal, gives a low centre of gravity at full reach, as well as remaining compact when folded.

The FG45 Felling Grapple can also be fitted as an option to give you a complete harvesting solution.

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