The Hypro 300 is a simple, quick, three point carried thinning processor which completes its tasks fast despite its small composition and light weight (700kg).

Hypro 300 has its own hydraulic system where the pump is mounted directly on the tractor. The machine has a load sensing valve which provides a smooth handling experience and flow control possibilities without using throttle functions. The machine also has manual height adjustable support legs.

Hypro 300 is now also equipped with a feed roller engine in the bottom feed roller. The machine feeds with three feed rollers which provide considerably increased feeding power.

This machine does an excellent job with delimbing and cutting dimensions up to 30cm. The processor is fitted with a highly powerful and fast cutting saw which cuts so quickly that the log does not have time to drop before the chain has passed through the stem.

It has an integrated hydraulically driven winch for loading which is done via a radio controller. When stopped the winch is locked in place. The winch can also be maneuvered with hand lever on the operating valve. Through Hypro 300’s construction trees are carried automatically to its designated position by the winch.

The machine’s control table is placed in a comfortable working height and has easily maneuverable levers, where it also is possible to adjust the speed in both directions individually on all functions. The measuring system is optimally placed for a comfortable using experience.

This machine is a good investment, giving you high quality for a low price. It has greater engine efficiency because of its own hydraulic system, which saves you money in the long term. The gearbox of the hydraulic system in the machine provides decreased engine RPM, which also causes reduced consumption of diesel and thereby provides an improved overall cost.

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