The Hypro Felling grapple is very well suited for handling anything from standing trees to fallen logs. The felling grapple can be mounted on all cranes equipped with a rotator.

Hypro FG45 uses a hydraulic chainsaw to fell trees up to 45cm in diameter and is also available as energy-wood felling grapple, which is equipped with a special shear blade to make it possible to cut both small shrubs and all the way up to 35cm thick trees. This makes it perfect for ground clearance of scrub wood and makes it possible to fell, handle and load directly to the chipper in one action.

It automatically tilts the grapple up to felling position when the grapple claws reach maximum open position. If you want to lower the grapple back to horizontal position, you only need to activate the cutting function and the grapple falls back to horizontal position instantly.

The valve block of the crane needs to have an extra valve for the activation of the saw motor. This extra valve must be a motor slide model which is open to the tank line in neutral position.

The flexibility of the swift hydraulic spine of the felling grapple makes it possible to reach tree trunks in the correct felling direction. This also delivers a very rational and easily maneuvered felling experience.

Furthermore, the light weight of the felling grapple makes it possible to use the crane to its full reach without throwing the trailer off balance.

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