The Hypro Processor 755 HB Trailed/Wheel Carried. The wheel carried 755 only adds 200 kg to the tractor hitch. This makes the use of lighter tractors (min. effect 70HP) an option.

It’s quick and limber with articulated steering, hydraulic stabiliser for ideal stability. It is a fully equipped machine with a built in hydraulic system. Pump and tank are both mounted on the machine.

The machine is operated with EHC Canbussystem with mini joysticks from the tractor cabin. Length and diameter measurements are standard on all 755 models.

The new 7.5m crane provides increased range and enables the grapple to reach the centre of the processor table. This also provides the possibility to cut and drop trees in the centre of the processor table when using a felling grapple without having to make any repeating grabs on the tree with the grapple to place it correctly.

The machine can be delivered with either rubber or steel feeder wheels.

The Hypro tractor processor range

A range of machines designed to appeal equally to contractors and to self-employed forest owners.It goes without saying that Hypro machines combine kindness to the environment with high capacity and reliability.

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