Vimek is the world leader in the manufacture of light forest machines for thinning. We produce unique professional and lightweight, but at the same time, very strong machines for forestry: harvesters, forwarders, combi-machines.

Wisdom is inherited. In 60 years, our children and grandchildren will care for our forests. It is about creating values for future generations. It’s called Vimek Thinning, forest owners call it easy and simple.

Whether it’s the owner of the forest or a business owner who is behind the decisions, good returns are in store for those who develop the forest when it’s young.

Imagine a first thinning, and then imagine finally defeating the hard conditions of the forest. With Vimek, you do not have to go down the road of removing unnecessary strains or clusters. You can leave the best trees so that you get a higher quality wood that is less storm sensitive. This is thinning, Vimek Thinning!

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    404SE Harvester

    404 Duo

    610SE Forwarder

    606TTW Forwarder