The Palax KS45S is a robust firewood processor designed for large logs.

It has been designed for contractors, who process logs from trees of extremely varying diameter.

It’s able to cut logs with a diameter up to 45cm. It stands out from its contenders by its pulling log clamp, and the dropping plate, which directs the truncated logs in the correct position to the splitting wedge. Sometimes even a professional needs relief. The all-hydraulic joystick control of the KS45S makes the working effortless, and a fully opening, protective net makes the maintenance easier. The KS45S comes with an efficient crosscut sawbar of 20”. The splitting operation begins immediately after the log has been cut off. The machine has a patented three-speed-cylinder, which speeds up the processing of smaller logs.

The KS45S does not yield – no matter how heavy the load. The force of up to 16 tonnes is sufficient for even large logs. The contract work is finalised by the hydraulically driven 4.3-m long discharge conveyor that takes the ready firewood into bags or into a crate.

It’s available as either a tractor-powered unit with hitching points for rear lifting (TR) or as a combi-unit (TR/SM).

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