The Palax D360 is a robust firewood processor with a 15″ hydraulically powered chainsaw.

It replaces the very popular Palax KS 35 ergo and KS 35s. This processor has been very well developed over time and has taken all the well proven strengths from the outgoing KS35 and repackaged this into a more user friendly and modern  looking unit to give you a machine that just keeps efficiently delivering firewood off the end of the conveyor without any downtime. It is the first choice processor for handling trees which vary in diameter. It can cut, split and stockpile logs up to 35cm in diameter and the maximum length of the log is from 25-60 cm.

The Palax D360 is:

Very Safe

When the processor’s safety guards are opened, the ram, conveyor and chainsaw all stop running until guards are closed again.

Very Fast

The processor is equipped with a very fast hydraulic chainsaw cross-cut operation and automatic variable speed and variable force splitting

Very Productive

up to 5 – 6 M³ per hour cut, split and loaded.

Very Low Maintenance

There are no V-Belts on this machine. This makes for long service life and optimum performance.

Very Easy to Use

The D360 firewood  processor is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

Very Low Power Required

A 25Hp+ tractor is all you need to run the Palax D360 – 3 phase Electric model powered as an option.

The Palax D360 has an all onboard hydraulic system from its own PTO pump and comes with a 2 way-4 way splitting axe as standard. The conveyor of the machine is 4.3 m long and can easily be folded away for transportation. Both the in-feed and discharge conveyor are equipped with easy to use quick releases. The spacious splitting chute ensures the machine is easy to clean. Debris from the wood drops through the grate in the bottom of the chute. The drive and return rollers of the in-feed conveyor are equipped with efficient scrapers. The scrapers keep the rollers clean under all conditions. This feature is especially helpful during the months of winter when snow and other debris are not able to gather and pack between the roller and the belt.

The Palax D360 is also available as a Pro + model. This is a fully hydraulic joystick version of the D360 Ergo. The Pro + model’s cutting feature, log clamp and height adjustment of the knife are done by joysticks. This makes operating the machine very convenient.

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