The user-friendly Palax D270 Active road tow firewood processor enables its owner to produce firewood efficiently, effortlessly and easily without forgetting one very important feature: the overwhelmingly competitive price!

Despite its compact size, this processor ensures easy and convenient firewood production. Palax has designed this chainsaw processor with a solid structure and safety of operation in mind.

The fully opening protective net and no V-belts, ensure that maintenance is quick and easy.

This reliable and versatile firewood processor is also equipped with a hydraulically-driven feed roller. This feed roller considerably reduces the amount of effort required for handling logs. The crosscut handle has a lateral motion instead of the traditional up-down motion. This means that the operating ergonomics of the machine are excellent.

This firewood processor’s 4-ton cylinder guarantees that the splitting force is more than sufficient for consumer use. Cutting is effected by means of a 13″ saw-bar and a chain-saw. The user himself can sharpen the chain neatly, ensuring that progress will not be impeded by unnecessary waiting.

The Palax D270 Active can be selected from a range of four different optional power sources: external hydraulic system (from tractor or mini loader), PTO shaft of a tractor, electric motor of 4 KW or Honda combustion engine of 13hp.

The Palax D270 Active can also be equipped with a convenient 2.6-metre-long discharge conveyor. This warrants the trouble-free production of firewood, for example into a bag or onto a trailer.

The optional convenient transport platforms enable easier transferring of the machine: one for off-road use, the other for use on public roads.

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