The Palax C700 Combi is a tractor carried firewood processor that can effortlessly cut, split and stockpile logs up to 250 mm in diameter.

The Palax C700 Combi is the new and improved evolution of the Combi M ll firewood processor. It’s a fast and versatile tractor carried firewood processor. It is well suited to processing slender trees even in bunches. There is no problem processing hardwood and softwood with the Combi.

The 700 mm TCT blade of the machine is immune to any impurities within the wood being processed. As standard, the C700 Combi includes a 4.3m long, swivel discharge conveyor equipped with two chains. The conveyor can be easily folded for transport on the tractors three point linkage.

The conveyor is fitted with a lifting winch and a handy chain lock. Getting the conveyor ready for operations or transport on the tractor is quick and simple. This firewood processor is equipped with an onboard hydraulic system and is powered by tractor PTO or optional 3 phase electricity.

A sensor is fitted in the splitting chamber. This enables even small logs to automatically activate the splitting motion. Logs are pushed towards the processors 2 – 4 way axe. 6 and 8 way axes are also available as an option.

Automatic tightening of the V-belts keeps the drive belts at the correct tension, reduces strain on the transmission and significantly extends the service life of the belts.

This is a very safe, fast and productive firewood processor which requires very little maintenance. Palax Firewood Processors are designed to make sure there is very little downtime so you can continue to produce firewood without delay.

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