Kesla is a significant developer of forestry-related bioenergy solutions.

Efficient professional chipping requires flexibility – you can select your Kesla chipper from our wide model range, either as a trailer model or a truck-mounted model. The quality provided by Kesla will guarantee that your chipper will be durable and reliable even in the most demanding conditions.

Kesla C1060

If you need more power and bigger output then go for the Kesla C1060 drum chipper. It is suitable for chipping efficient energy wood – knots, branch wood and trunk timber. Large (600 x 1000mm) feed opening, a  high-sided feed table and hydraulic upper and lower feed rollers. Chipper’s frame is of durable 30 mm thick steel. The chipper with a smooth design has several maintenance flaps that make cleaning of the chipper easier.

Kesla C1060A operates on truck engine and C1060T on power outlet of a tractor. Chipping efficiency, weight and external dimensions of both models enable roadside and terminal chipping.

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