The Hypro HV14 Forwarder Trailer has a very sturdy frame structure and big wheels that give high ground clearance and low ground pressure – something that gives a competitive edge when it comes to performance.

The trailer has a double frame construction thanks to which it is very stable during crane work. The trailer does not need any support leg, which saves work time and reduces the total weight. As far as operation is concerned, customers can choose between robson drive or planetary gear. The advantage of robson drive is that it allows the use of protection against skidding (chain) on the driving wheels. It is easy to disconnect the drive during long distance driving. It has a bogie with 22-degree oscillate ability for good manoeuvre capacity under tough terrain conditions.

Just as ordinary forwarders, the trailer is equipped with fixed bunks but is also available with loose, movable bunks. The trailer has frame steering with double steering cylinders which are well protected. The loading capacity of the trailer is 14 tonnes and its weight is approx. 3 tonnes.

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