Palax Roller

The Palax Roller cleans the firewood effectively after the processing, making separate treatment prior to packaging unnecessary. The specific vibrating cleaning rollers of different sizes shake off debris of any size from among the firewood. The Palax Roller is a versatile unit, which produces clean end product. If you want, you can pour pieces of firewood straight out of the bag or from the front loader bucket for cleaning. As easy and cool as you might imagine. The Palax Roller is also ideal for hard wood. Clean wood dries out faster resulting in high-quality firewood that is ready for use. Roller is suited for screening wood up to 40 cm in length.

Palax Cleaner

The powerful and quiet debris barrel produces pure wood and keeps the workplace clean. Palax Cleaner helps reduce the amount the splinters to a minimum. Cleaned firewood also dries up quickly, and thus becomes proper fuel for the fireplace. You can also obtain an extension conveyor for the Palax Cleaner, which makes storing the logs easy and quick.

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