December 10, 2020 Joe Litter

Kesla to launch new 14RH tractor-specific harvesting head

KESLA is to launch a new harvester head specifically designed for tractor use.

THE new 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range and is suitable for installation on tractors, thinning harvesters and excavators of up to approximately
5 tonnes.

Straightforwardness, simplicity and great efficiency are the core characteristics of this small head, Kesla says.

Unlike larger Kesla heads, the 14RH head applies the traditional side-squeezing feed roller geometry, which is described as having the advantages of a very simple structure, lightness and efficiency in feeding small-diameter trees. Depending on the size of the traction motors selected, the head requires an oil supply of 120–150 l/min, said to make it ideal for the hydraulics of modern tractors.

Kesla also offers a PTO-driven auxiliary hydraulic supply package optimised for harvester use, which, in addition to additional output, has the advantage of separating the harvester head into its own hydraulic circuit, adding power to the use of the crane during harvesting. The auxiliary hydraulic supply package also makes combi-use easy when you can detach the harvester head, boom hoses and pump equipment neatly without opening the hoses, Kesla says.

The 14RH has three delimbing knives, which, together with the short head frame length, are said to make it especially agile and efficient in handling curved and branchy trees.

The 14RH hydraulic solutions and component choices are predominantly based on Kesla’s larger heads made for demanding professional use. Considering the size class of the harvester head, the saw unit powered by an 18-cc motor is familiar from the Kesla SH series stroke harvesters.

The harvester head features a strong two-cylinder tilt, making tree felling controlled and safe, Kesla says.

The 14RH is said to work best with a tree diameter of less than 25 cm.