January 3, 2024 Aisling Magee

Excavator Attachments

Kesla 19GX

For over 55 years, Kesla has been a leading innovator in forest technology, manufacturing top-quality Finnish forest machinery. When it comes to enhancing the productivity and versatility of your excavator, the Kesla 19GX felling head is a remarkable choice. The Kesla 19GX attachment is designed for efficient and precise handling. Its smooth operation and excellent control make it easy to fell, carry, and place timber with precision, reducing the risk of damage and increasing safety while working. This Kesla felling head can cut trees up to 18cm in diameter.

The blade of the felling head can be easily disabled, allowing it to function as a grapple for loading purposes. This means that all required tasks can be performed using just one tool. The process of fitting the felling head is simple and straightforward, as it does not require any additional hoses or wiring.

Hypro FG50

Since the start in 1987, HYPRO has been a leader in the technology and development of tractor processors. This Swedish-made grapple is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s perfect for felling trees, ground clearance, hedge maintenance and loading and unloading brushwood. Whether you’re working in the forest, park, an urban area, or along a roadway, this grapple is the perfect solution for all your needs.

The Hypro FG50 is an impressive tool with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 50cm and comes with optional electric or radio-controlled tilt locking function that offers flexibility to reach trees and branches in the correct felling direction. The grapple’s lightweight design allows it to be used with a long-reach crane without compromising stability and lifting power. With its efficient design, safety features, and versatility, the Hypro FG50 is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to increase productivity without compromising lift capacity.